Europe lives of variety. Also at the capital markets.

Today rules of capital markets are formed on EU-level at the bigger part. We support the process of Europe’s unification and we actively form it in the area of capital markets. One focus of our work is Brussels. Since 2001 we keep in direct contact with the EU-Commission, the EU-Parliament, the Council of the EU and the EU-Regulatory Authorities, and in addition, with the representatives of our members. To be first class informed and to advise first class we closely work with our European partner organizations EuropeanIssuers - the pan-European lobby group of listed companies - and the European Association for Share Promotion - the association of organizations to promote shares.

Deutsches Aktieninstitut will support efforts to Europe-wide standardized capital market rules, if these serve the aim of an improved accumulation of capital or an efficient supply with financial services. However, uniform rules or centralization at on the EU-level are no ends in themselves for us.  Therefore we are crucial in Europe, whenever we are concerned about negative developments for companies seeking financial services or a standardization of rules appears to be not necessary.