Message from the President

Germany needs efficient capital markets to help shape important tasks of the future. Even the best entrepreneurial idea cannot come to fruition without appropriate financing. Internationally successful companies are inconceivable without useful instruments to hedge against interest rate, exchange rate and commodity price risks. And investment would be one-sided and less rewarding for private investors, investment companies, insurers and pension funds without the financial return on shares, bonds and other securities.

Yet the capital market culture in Germany is underdeveloped as compared with other industrialised countries. The reasons for this are various. They range from deeply entrenched negative experiences and personal fears about risks and changes through to unfavourable framework conditions for companies, banks and investors.

This need not be – and above all must not continue to be the case. The team at Deutsches Aktieninstitut brings its competence on current capital market issues into the public debate. Deploying its expertise, it takes positions in legislative procedures and engages with policy-makers for better framework conditions for capital-market-oriented companies. The core objective is always to strike the right balance between investors’ justified interest in protection of their savings and companies’ equally justified interest in business flexibility and efficiency.

We do not take extreme positions: Deutsches Aktieninstitut – founded in 1953 as an association for the promotion of shares – depends on expert knowledge, balanced arguments and personal credibility. As the organisation’s President, this is also what I personally stand for and I am committed to promoting a share culture and better framework conditions for capital-market-oriented companies.

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Engel
President of Deutsches Aktieninstitut and Chief Financial Officer of BASF SE

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of Deutsches Aktieninstitut is the legal representative of the association in terms of § 26 BGB. It is elected by the Management Board and manages the operations of the association insofar as the Management Board is not responsible.

The members of the Executive Committee are:

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Engel
Dr. Thomas Book Deutsche Börse AG
Melanie Kreis Deutsche Post AG
James von Moltke Deutsche Bank AG
Wolfgang Nickl Bayer AG
Helene von Roeder Vonovia SE
Marco Swoboda Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
Dr. Günther Thallinger Allianz SE
Prof. Dr. Ralf P. Thomas Siemens AG
Dr. Jens Weidmann Deutsche Bundesbank
Harald Wilhelm Daimler AG
Jens Wilhelm Union Asset Management Holding AG