Kapital. Markt. Kompetenz.

Since 1953 we have represented the interests of publicly traded companies, banks, stock exchanges and investors. Our members represent 85 percent of the market capitalization of stock corporations listed in Germany. In a close dialogue with policy makers we constructively work on the development of capital markets and their parameters, because efficient capital markets are the basis for innovation and investments by companies.

The raising of capital via primary markets, the trading of securities as well as the rights and obligations of shareholders, management and supervisory boards are among our core issues, which we address. Furthermore, it is our aim to promote equities as investment and financing instruments. Since 2013 we provide the secretariat of the Regierungskommission Deutscher Corporate Governance Kodex and support the Commission´s work.

Comprehensive expertise in capital market matters combined with a unique network is our hallmark. We analyse fundamental issues of capital markets and regulatory developments, consolidate opinions and effectively lobby for the interests of our members. The political positions of Deutsches Aktieninstitut are widely supported, scientifically corroborated and comprehensively written. This makes us a sought after and trustworthy partner for policy makers and the media.

From the Rhine-Main-Metropolis Frankfurt we constantly engage in professional exchanges in technical expertise with our members and strive to integrate their positions into the legislative processes via our offices in Berlin and Brussels.

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