Position Papers

With our position papers we engage in political debates and expert discussions regarding capital market issues - representing the interests of our members. Each year, numerous and detailed positions cover the various areas of our work: the primary market, the secondary market, the governance of listed companies and the economic education.

Below you will find our position papers which focus on European legislation - mostly in English and partially in German language. All our positions including papers with focus on national topics you will find on our German website.

Companies with their legal statute of a Societas Europaea (SE) are currently required to hold their general meetings within the first six months following the end of the previous financial year.  However, the corona pandemic with social distancing obligations and contact bans is putting a damper on the practical feasibility to hold their general meetings in time. We therefore advocate to extending the period for holding a general meeting up to 12 months after the end of the previous financial year, thereby providing SE companies with more flexibility in this exceptional situation.